Hello there! My name is Cassie Miller. Thank you for stopping by. I am so excited to share my passions with the world because, throughout my life, my artistry has been integral to my understanding of life and humanity. I take extreme care with the characters I portray and enjoy the psychological playground that only live performance can provide. Whether I'm delving into the complexities of love, loss, or resilience, I approach each role with a commitment to honoring the depth and nuance of the human experience. I truly believe that art is our most powerful tool to inflict change in our world. Theatre, in particular, has a unique ability to engage audiences on a visceral level, sparking conversations and challenging deeply ingrained beliefs. It is for this reason that I work hard to establish a balance of impact and authenticity in every project I take on.

One of the central themes in my artistic journey is the exploration of identity, particularly within the intersectionality of queerness and neurodivergence. As a queer individual, I navigate spaces that often overlook non-binary and LGBTQ+ voices. Likewise, as someone with synesthesia, I inhabit a world where sensory experiences diverge from the norm, offering both challenges and unique insights into the human condition. Synesthesia uniquely impacts every synesthete, but in my own experience, my brain associates every character, concept, or piece of music with colors, which makes theatre a kaleidoscopic experience within my mind. This unique ability allows me to experience art in ways unlike most others and I love to share my unusual perspective with the world through live theatre.

When I'm out of costume, I love creative and spiritually enriching activities like scrapbooking, witchcraft, and fashion. Recently, I've discovered a passion for live-action character performance, where my specialty lies in entertaining young children as a party princess. I often cater to ages 3-8, though I also enjoy participating in various performing events. My mission as an artist is to use the power of performance to challenge societal norms and foster empathy. I aim to create spaces where audiences can confront uncomfortable truths, explore diverse perspectives, and ultimately strive for a more inclusive and conscientious world.